Introducing offline tracking on Everfit!

Now you can review and track your workouts regardless of your connection.

...just remember to always download your best workout playlist, we can't help with that quite yet.

How to track a workout offline

  1. From the today screen, tap Start Workout.
  2. Tap the settings icon in the upper right hand corner. 
  3. Tap Offline Download. 
  4. Open the app when you want to workout, and if you are without internet connection, you'll be able to see a list of workouts you've downloaded. Start getting sweaty 💦

With offline workouts, you can now see all images, descriptions, and notes for the workout. Track your workout like normal, and it will update as soon as you get a wireless connection again.
**Note: exercise videos are not available in offline mode.

How to remove a download

Need to save some storage space? Just tap Remove Download when you no longer need it! Workouts will also be automatically removed 14 days after their assigned date.

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