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Introducing: Meal Plans

How to create a multi-week recipe regimen

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What is a Meal Plan?

Creating a Meal Plan allows coaches to seamlessly integrate recipes into a client’s meal plan calendar. The meal plan, or "Meal Guidance" if you choose to name it so, empowers your clients, allowing them to easily create shopping lists, follow along with recipes, and log macros for their meals. This is the most comprehensive way to offer nutrition coaching.

With Meal Plan Templates, you can build out multi-week meal programs, with which you can assign and roll out meal plans to multiple clients with just a few simple clicks. You can customize these templates based on different dietary needs and preferences or set them up for different phases of your client's training plan.

This feature is available with the 'Custom Meal Plans' add-on.

How to Create a Meal Plan

Check out our video tutorial here.

Step 1: Add a new meal plan from your library

Navigate to the Library tab on the left-side menu, select Meal Plan Templates, and click on the Create Meal Plan button.

Step 2: Name your meal plan

You can name your meal plan, adjust the number of weeks, and upload the cover image (optional) on the Create Meal Plan pop-up.

Step 3: Add a recipe from the recipes library

Once in the program calendar, simply go to a certain day and click on the + Add Meal button to start building your desired meal plan.

On the certain date screen, you can select to add any recipe that is saved in your recipes library to each of the meal categories.
The default meal categories are Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack. You can click on the Add Meal button to add your custom meal categories. Simply drag and drop a meal category to rearrange its position.

If you toggle on 'Show dietary info', you will be able to view the relevant information under the recipes.

Customize your Meal Plan

Once you've added a recipe to your meal plan, you have the flexibility to adjust the order of your meal category by simply dragging and dropping it on the Meal Plan calendar.
Or you can edit it to add or remove recipes according to your preferences.

Once you've finished creating and customizing your meal plan, click the Publish button to make it available for assigning to clients.

Assign Meal Plans to Clients

There are two ways to assign the Meal Plan to your clients.

Check out our video tutortial here.

From the Meal Plan Library

  1. Once your meal plan is published, you can begin assigning it to your clients, whether they are individuals or groups.

  2. Choose a start date for your clients to commence the meal plan.

  3. Keep track of your client's progress by clicking on the Active button.

From the Client's Meal Plan page

  1. You can navigate to the Client's Meal Plan page to assign the published Meal Plan to the client.

  2. Simply click on + Assign Meal Plan, select a Meal Plan then choose a start date to assign it to the client.

What will your Clients experience?

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