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Client App: Garmin Integration

How to integrate Garmin with Everfit

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App Integration capabilities enable you to effortlessly synchronize data for specific metrics with Garmin. This simplifies the process of updating body metrics and monitoring your fitness advancement. You now have the ability to sync the following:

  • Steps

  • Weight

  • Body Fat %

How to integrate with Garmin

  1. Navigate to the You page and tap the Settings icon located in the upper right corner of the screen to access your configuration options.

2. Within the Settings menu, you'll find an option for App Integrations.

3. After you've chosen "App Integration," initiate the data synchronization by tapping on "Sync Now." Everfit will automatically begin syncing data for selected metrics.

4. Clicking on "Connect" will present you with the choice to select the metrics you wish to sync.

Type of data syncs

  • Weight

  • Body Fat Percentage

  • Steps

How to disconnect Garmin

To disconnect, simply click on the "..." button located on the Connected to Garmin screen, and then select "Disconnect."

How to diagnose "Data not syncing"

Click on the "Data not syncing?" button and check the settings.

Prioritize syncing steps with Garmin

By default, your app will be connected to sync steps with Apple Health or Google Fit. To switch to syncing with Garmin instead, you can click on the “…” button on the App Integration screen and select steps from Garmin. Hit ‘Save’ when you’re done.

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