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Custom App Icon Requirements
Custom App Icon Requirements

App Icon requirements for Custom Branding

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It's time to take your business to the next level and start building your fitness brand! With the Advanced Custom Branding add-on, you will be able to set up a custom app icon for your clients to see on their iOS or Android phones.

App Icon Requirements

iOS and Android has specific requirements when an app provides the option to switch to another icon. In order to make sure your app icon submission gets processed without rejection from Apple and Google, we will walk over general requirements below:

1. Simplicity. Use a singular, recognizable (simple and unique) icon artwork at the center of your icon. Find something that represents your brand. And avoid small details that will be hard to see.

2. Use only essential text. Only use words that are essential to the logo. Less is more. And avoid text that is smaller than 15 characters per line. It will not show up and will be likely rejected.

3. File Size: Your image must be at least 1024 x 1024 px and JPEG file type.

4. Be mindful of borders. Starting in 2017, Android has had adaptive icon shapes, where the same icon could display as a circle, rounded square, or oblong shape depending on phone settings. Make sure key icon graphics are not too close to the edge, or else they may be cutoff and will be rejected. However, if the background is illustrated, this generally will be okay to fill to the edges.

5. Keep icon corners square. As mentioned above, the icon may display with different shapes, so please do not apply your own rounded corners. Keep icons fully square.

6. Easy to see. Make sure your artwork is sized appropriately.

  • If the main artwork is too far from the edges, enlarge your artwork, so it is more visible.

  • If you have thin lines in your design, make sure the lines are thicker.

  • Make sure to have the right contrast in colors, so shapes are distinct from the background.

You can reference other apps on your phone for an idea of what works best.

7. No transparent background. Have a simple and opaque background. Submissions with transparent backgrounds will likely be rejected.

8. No promotional text. Do not include text that indicate ranking or promote deals.

9. Copyright violation. Please do not use icon elements that are owned by other businesses. Your submission will be rejected if another recognizable brand shows up in your icon, or else you will need to provide proof of ownership for the design.

Now you have read through the requirements, here are some templates from Google that can help you design your icon correctly for submission.

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