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How to send Meal Plans or Recipes to your clients
How to send Meal Plans or Recipes to your clients

Send meal plan pdfs or recipes to your clients using General Tasks

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With the ability to add media, documents, and links, you can say goodbye to email and be creative with General Tasks. Tasks will show up for your clients on the day they are assigned, and you can even set a reminder to alert your client at a particular time.

Once you have created your meal plan or recipe packet, all you need to do is create a task and attach the plan.

How to share a Meal Plan or Recipe

From the client list, go to a client Dashboard and click on the Task menu.

Navigating to Task Calendar

Create a General Task

Click on the (+) button to create a Task, choose General

Add the details and choose an attachment type for your Meal Plan: it can be a link, pdf document, or image!

  • Media: Videos, pictures, voices audio files

  • Document: .pdf, .xls, .doc

  • Link: Youtube URL, Vimeo URL, and any other links

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