Published: December 10th, 2019

Meet the new Everfit app!

The Everfit client app has been completely redesigned with the most important thing in mind - your clients! We’ve added a bunch of new features to help you set your clients up for success in 2020.    

Improved workout tracking: AMRAP, HIIT, and strength workouts may be challenging to complete, but now they are easy to track.  

Reinvented tasks: We know there’s more to personal training than workouts. So we revamped progress photos, measurements, and custom habit tracking!  

Streak days and personal best: We’ve added streak days, personal best tracking, and more to help your clients stay motivated!  

Provide client feedback: Know when workouts are too tough or just right. Clients can now leave ratings and comments on every workout.

See the new client experience

Take a peek at the improved client interface by downloading or updating the Everfit client app.    

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