Creating a workout is your first step to assigning training regimen to your clients. With Everfit, you can create an entire library of workouts that you can assign to any client with the click of a button.

After you learn how to create workouts, check out how to assign training.

Create your first workout

There are two ways to create workouts.

  1. Create a workout from Library
  2. Create a workout from a client's training calendar  

Create from Library

Create a workout by clicking on the + New Workout icon in the top right corner of the workout library. 

Create from training calendar

Click on the + icon on any date, and select the + Create New icon in the top right corner of the pop up screen. 

Add a Name and Description

From there, the Create New Workout pop up will appear, prompting for a workout name and description. All workouts will be required to have a workout name.

Add an Exercise

To begin adding exercises to your workout, simply click the + Add Exercise icon in the bottom left corner. 

Use the search bar and select the exercise desired. 

If you cannot find the exercise you are looking for, you can always create a new exercise.

Input workout details

From there you will be prompted to enter details regarding the exercise, such as a note, tempo, or set information, such as reps, weight, or rest time. 

Add a Rest Time

Rest time will appear on as a countdown clock on the client app followed by a push notification.

Add sets

Once you enter in your information, clicking the + icon will automatically copy and paste the desired amount of sets from the information of the previous set. Or if you only want to add a single set, click only on the Add Set portion.

Delete a set

To delete a set, simply hover over a specific set and select the x icon on the left side. 

Label a particular set as Regular, Warmup, Drop Set, or Failure

You can also customize each particular set. To do this, hover over the desired set number and click the dropdown arrow and select either Regular, Warmup, Drop Set, or Failure. 

Add a Note, assign Each Side, or add Tempo

You can also add a note to a particular exercise by selecting the + Add Note icon. You can make sure your clients understand that the rep count applies to both sides by clicking the Each Side icon. And you can set the desired Tempo by entering it into the Tempo bar.

Adjust the order or add a Superset

You can also adjust the order of your exercise by clicking the arrow icon in the top right corner of the exercise. Or if you'd like to superset two or more exercises together, click the Link superset icon in between both exercises on the right side.

Customize tracking fields

If you want to add or delete a tracking field for a particular exercise, click the dotted logo on the top right and select Customize Fields. From there you can add a field by selecting the + icon or you can delete a field by hovering over it and selecting the x icon. Finally, if you'd like to change the order the fields are arranged in, simply drag a field to the desired spot. 

Client View

After you create a workout, your client can view it in the iOS app.

Once the client clicks on his Training calendar, they will be greeted by the current week's workout plan. 

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